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Heat recovery ventilation ico


Heat recovery ventilation

It has been proved that the quality of the air that we breathe has a significant effect on our health. In normal conditions the air inside our homes, work, school or recreational places is of an inferior quality than the air outdoors due to the paint, cleaning products, dampness from electrical household appliances, bathrooms and the CO2 that we exhale.

The main pollutants in the air indoors at home, in offices, recreational establishments, etc. are:

• Carbon monoxide, CO

• Volatile organic compounds, VOCs

• Sulphur dioxide, S02

• Particles

• Asbestos

• Ozone

• Biological pollutants

• Household products

• Nitrogen oxide, NOx

• Radon

The best way to ventilate areas is by opening windows or doors in opposite sides of the room to create a cross air-flow, although it is not always feasible to keep them open; noise, dust, pollen, heat, cold, rain are factors that force us to shut the windows and NOT ventilate the room.

When you are in a room it has to be ventilated, which means that you have to breathe new quality air, don’t forget that!

There are centralised or independent ventilation systems that renew the air without having to open the windows, energy can be recovered instead of being wasted, so don’t let your money fly out through the windows.