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HVAC and air conditioning

Nowadays there is a wide range of high energy efficient systems available, to satisfy your air conditioning and heating requirements. From a wall mounted split system to heat recovery variable refrigerant flow systems. The comfort indoors, the ideal temperature and the air quality are our objectives for your satisfaction and depending on the analysis carried out for your project we can offer you:

-  Split-wall mounted, cassette 1, 2, 4 way, column, ceiling or floor console unit with a heat pump and eco-friendly coolant. (photo example)

-  Split-ducts or fan-coil with impulse and return air duct networks distributed through grilles, diffusers, linear grilles or jet nozzle diffusers. (photo example)

Underfloor, wall or ceiling heating powered by hot or cold water to provide air conditioning and heating in rooms all through the year using air source or ground source heat pumps as sources of sustainable energy.